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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bali: Easter 2014

After almost 3 years in Hong Kong, we finally made it to Bali. I can see why people love it here. Beautiful beaches, amazing villas, friendly people, great restaurants and so much to see!

Our first day we headed over to Echo Beach. It was high tide so not much of a beach for us to walk on as it turns out. This side of Bali has rough waters. More of a surfers paradise than a beach bum beach.

Some of the surfers in action.

Lunch time! Loved the illustrations for the drinks.

Chilling out in the pool back at the villa.

Dinner that evening in town in Seminyak.

Loved this bar. Not sure what the deal was, but it was cougar night. We were the youngest people in the bar by a solid 15-20 years. It has been a long time since I have been in that situation.

The next morning, we headed over to Ubud and we were able to watch see a royal wedding!

We marched along with the wedding guests.

Pregnant Momma!

Today's adventure included Jimbaran Bay.

Easter Brunch with Crystal and friends at the rooftop of U Paasha.

Making new friends everywhere we go!

Making more friends negotiating for something I am sure we can't live without. 

This guy wanted to show me his moves.

Sunset at La Plancha. Highly recommend for one night. Get there early to reserve a good spot.

That night, we had a local lady come and cook for us. It was sort of amazing. Definitely a great option while you are in Bali. She made all local dishes and they were all amazing!

Her daughter, Sophie, came along. She wanted to go swimming so badly but Momma said no. 

More pics of the villa before everyone departed.

If you are interested in this villa, check it out on Air B N B. Ben will take good care of you!