Tram Party

Junk season is almost upon us. To hold us over, we organized a Tram Party a few weekends ago. Somehow we had never done one before. Of course it ended up being super fun. After you reserve it, all you have to do is show up and take over a tram for 2 hours. The hard part was finding the Tram Depot, but we all managed to get there-eventually.

Too bad this sign is located inside the depot. You can walk right by it and many of us did

I thought this was our tram so I was snapping away pictures. Ours was a green one, but you get the idea

Our crew

Always following the rules

Passing through the crazy streets of Causeway Bay

As we exited the tram, I got some shots of what our tram looked like

Since the tram party only took 2 hours, we headed to LKF for the after party

The night included a flaming Lamborghini taken by an individual wearing a Kola hat. I'll leave it at that

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