S. Africa Part 1: Cape Town

We arrived in Cape Town on a glorious Saturday to kickoff our delayed honeymoon. We made our way down to the waterfront to check out the sites and sounds.

Table Mountain in the background

Matt's old stomping ground from the World Cup

Little seal hanging out, giving me a wave

Loved these fat women stone figures

To give you an idea of how far from home we were

 Local band jamming out. Wish I had bought one of their CD's-they were great

This is where we headed for lunch and a pint of Castle Ale

These seagulls weren't shy when it came to stealing some leftover fries

Gotta love the name of this boat

The stadium that was built for the Cup in the background

With some time to kill, Matt got a hot shave...also his only shave of the trip

Not sure what this guy was all about, but he was made completely of Coke crates

Our taxi back was hilarious. All red, including a fuzzy red interior. I named it the Elmo taxi

Dinner that night was at Mama Africa

Matt ordered the game grill platter: crocodile, ostrich, springbok, kudu & venison sausage. It was my first time trying springbok. Tasty stuff. Pass on the crocodile, too chewy.

A night cap downtown on Long Street at the Waiting Room

Matt insisted that I take the pic of the stairwell that lead to the bar (it was safe Mom, promise)

Sunday was our day to climb Table Mountain but the weather didn't cooperate so we hit up some of the local street markets

These guy were a breeze to negotiate with compared to the haggling I have to do in China. I am sure I still over paid.

I wanted to buy one of these guys but decided they looked better in groups and would be out of place in our flat. Plus I am still holding out for my cigar store Indian statue

Back to the waterfront for dinner and beer tasting to end the night at Mitchell's Ale House

Next stop on the trip: Wine Country


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