Weekend in Shanghai

We went to Shanghai for a weekend to celebrate our friends birthday. It was my first time there, but a second trip for Matt. It is a great city with lots of great expat bars and restaurants. And only a 2.5 hour flight from Hong Kong. English is far more common than in Beijing, but most taxi drivers will need help, ie see the address in Chinese (see end of post for useful tips). Some call Shanghai the Paris of China and I can see where they get that, but I am not going to stake that claim. Our first night we landed late and went straight out after dropping our bags off. I didn't take my camera or phone that night so I am jumping straight to Saturday morning. James, Matt and I didn't really have an agenda, so we hit the pavement and started exploring.

We run into this guy selling skates that attach to your shoes. Similar to what kids have. Of course Matt had to get some.  How could Pat not want this as a b-day present?

 He was modeling for my photo shoot. I should have taken a mini video. He was cruising on these skates.

Love all the cable lines

Stopped into a shop to get a drink, but this corner shop also had lots of fun candy to offer

 At The Bund

Gotta love a Pepsi stand that cant spell its main product

James- try not to get too excited

I saw this from a distance and was confused what it was. Turns out it is all the sticks from street meat
Sticks were from this guy

More cooking on the street

Just some meat hanging out. Totally normal here

Wait! TCBY in Asia!?! Amazing!

Loved these baskets

 Everyone was hanging out their laundry

Gotta love the Gator blanket-ha!
We met up with the rest of the crew for lunch

  More exploring. Not sure if these were decorations for Chinese New Year butI liked them

More meat. Why, why, why?

Chinese New Year decorations for sale

 Maybe my favorite shot of the trip

We went into this pearl market and they had this out. Pretty cool

Oh and then we bought panda hats for the crew

We headed to top of the Grand Hyatt (the building that looks like a large bottle opener in The Bund skyline) for a drink with some great views

I didn't take any pictures at dinner with the exception of this one of Pat blowing out his candles. I highly recommend Lost Heaven for a great dinner spot that won't break the bank. 

A few fancy drinks at Glamour Bar

Panda hats make an appearance at our the next spot for the evening, The Apartment Bar and Lounge

 Birthday boy getting down

Matt calmly disputing over the bill

Outside the bar, you can pay a few bucks to get your picture with the monkey. The monkey we choose was kinda crazy so I left James to model for me while I took pictures (thanks James).

The monkey tried to swipe my iphone multiple times

Money with his equally crazy owner

Pat found a nicer monkey

On Sunday, we had a late flight so we went and explored an area called Taikang Lu. Cute shopping and cafes. Not without a donut first (cant find them in Hong Kong)

Shopping alleys of Taikang Lu

We met up with boys then headed back to Hong Kong. Highly recommend Shanghai for a weekend trip, but honestly could have used one more day to explore another neighborhood or two. Only downside to Shanghai= smoking still allowed in bars and it seems everyone here smokes. Bring a travel spray of Febreze and maybe an extra outfit as your whole suitcase will smell like smoke.
Highlights of the trip
Download an app called Hi-Shanghai. Excellent for getting around town and giving recommendations

Bars, Clubs and Restaurants:

Drinks with a view:
Grand Hyatt: Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Avenue,


  1. Love it! I gotta know though... is the "Shaghai" title a Freudien slip or a joke to which I'm not privy?

  2. Jealous you were there on beautiful days. I was there in rainy cloudy gloomy days and had drinks at the Hyatt as well and couldnt see anything but clouds :(


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