Weekend in Hoi An

I went to Hoi An back in April to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I some how managed to post the pics on Facebook  but didn't realize I never posted the pics to the blog.Part of the reason I keep the blog is so I can forward it on to peoiple when they are planning a trip. My friend is flying down there shortly, so I motivated and got this together!

There is a direct flight from Hong Kong via Dragon Air on Thursday morning into Da Nang Airport (20 min from Hoi An) and the return is on Sunday. If you don't catch these two flights, you will have to connect.

We stayed at the Nam Hai and split a villa with our friends Teddy and Allie.  This is the view from our bedroom. Our flight got us in just before lunch time, so just a quick dip before eating.

Having a private pool is pretty awesome.We also had a butler. He tried to stay out of the photos but I snapped a few of him.

Lunch at the main pool. I think this was the only time we went to the main pool.It was super nice but we just didn't feel the need to leave our area, especially with the private butler waiting on us! So spoiled!

Teddy and Matt signed up for the badminton tournament. They were crowned the champions (no one else turned up)! Matt took badminton as his college sport. Fact! 

A litte crab hanging out on our lawn.

Some anniversary drinks.

Chilling out before dinner.

That evening, we ventured into town to explore the local scene and check out a restaurant for dinner. A taxi into the downtown area takes about 15 minutes and is super cheap. We had to do a little shopping before we ate.

Always an array of random shirts in the markets like this.

They really sell all sorts of stuff here.

Looking out over the river.

We headed over to the Mango Room for some dinner as we had heard good things. Matt and I tend to always go off the resort for dinners wherever we travel in Asia. Always a better bang for your buck and you tend to get more local flavors. All of the restaurants that we went to on this trip were pretty inexpensive. Highly recommend.

This is the kind of photo you get when you ask the server to take your photo. 

Mango margaritas!

After dinner, there were all these young girls selling paper lanterns. It was late and way past their bedtime. Allie and I were both a little disturbed by how young they were.

Back at the hotel, a little frog greeted us on the front lawn. He was massive but you can't really tell from the photo.

The next morning, the boys and I headed into town to check out the local scene. After browsing some shops, we stopped in this silk store that had a silk worm farm in the attic. Here is what we saw.

Baby worms, a few days old.

Bigger worms. A few weeks old. Their silk pods above.

Worms actively making silk pods.

Pods being spun into silk.

Outside market. This place is really a place to come in the morning, but we went in the afternoon just to check it out.

I asked the boys, is that an out house on the back of the boat?

Um, yes it is. He needed to take a leak!

Cocktail by the bucket anyone?

The boys wanted to take a boat across a river that is about a 30 sec boat ride. I can't remember what they paid this little old couple but I am sure it made their day.

You can see the other side of the river and how ridiculously close it is. Meanwhile, I walked over the bridge to meet them on the other side.

Yep. That was it.

A few sunset photos before dinner.

We went to dinner that night at Brother's Cafe (restaurant details at end of blog). I left my camera at home that evening and apparently didn't take many photos after that. Oops! I think I got into "relax" mode.

Our butler.

This is the winner. We both have copies of this at our respective houses.

Back in town for dinner.

This was our last night here and we ate at Morning Glory. Very good dinner!Just snapped a few pics on my iphone.

If you are looking to stay at the Nam Hai, here are some shots of our villa.

Common room

Private pool over looking the ocean

Our 3 Bedroom villa from the beach.  The middle building is the common room we shared.

Our bedroom. More or less, they are all about this size and have the same layout.

Absolutely loved these doors!

Anniversary flowers!

Here is the skinny on the places we went:

The Nam Hai
Hamlet 1 Dien Duong Village
Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province
Hoi An, Vietnam

Mango Room
111 Nguyen Thai Hoc,
Hoi An, Vietnam

Brothers Café (no photos of this but we also enjoyed it)
27-29 Phan Boi Chau Street
Hoi An, Vietnam

Morning Glory Restaurant
106 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street
Hoi An, Vietnam

NOTE: Mango Room and Morning Glory were my favorite of the bunch. If you go during high season, you will need a reservation for any of these. Your hotel can arrange.


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