Myanmar 2013: Ngapali Beach Part 2

After our snorkeling trip, Gillian and I ventured into the village area to the Thandwe Market. It took 20 minutes in a taxi to get here. Great photos, but there wasn't really much here in terms of souvenirs. It was a very local market. Only would recommend if you are looking for something to do.

Not sure what these stinky dried fish were, but thought they looked super cool.

I wish they could have told me what this fat thing was. Maybe a girdle for a man???

Later that night, there was a puppet show at the hotel. We were informed that this puppeteer went to school to learn the art of these old puppets. It was kind of incredible how he was able to make them dance.

We checked out a new restaurant called Best Friend. It was another favorite of ours. It is located across the street from the beach, near the Bayview Resort. Yummy and cheap! Highly recommend.


The next morning we headed back to the airport to fly to Bagan. Here are some pictures of the hotel if you are interested in staying at the Thande Beach Hotel (we booked via Agoda)

Map of the resort villas. Matt and I stayed on the second row, which I would recommend.

View from our deck. You can see the ocean and hear the waves at night if you are on the 2nd row.

This is the area where we had our breakfast every  morning (included in hotel price) and our Christmas dinner. Happy hour at the bar everyday from 5-7pm (all drinks are $2.50)

Lobby where you could get super slow 1996 style Internet access if you needed it.

Our chariot to the airport awaits. Note: before you head to the airport, have your hotel check with the airlines to see if your flight is delayed. All of our internal flights were delayed by at least one hour. This is apparently the norm, so pack some playing cards and a good book for the down time.

If you have a layover, which 95% of the time you will, chill out in their version of a waiting room.

Thankfully this wasn't our plane and we arrived safely.

 Useful tips for Ngapali:
Getting there: Almost all internal flights go through Yangon no matter where you are trying to go. Ngapali on a direct flight from Yangon is just under an hour. Our flights had to be arranged and paid via a Thai travel agent. If you don't have this option, some flights allow you to book and then pay cash upon arrival at the Yangon airport. We did this for our flight to Bagan. Sounds sketchy, but this is a very common practice here. As mentioned above, check with your hotel for delays before you fly out. We were delayed on every internal flight we took. Also, don't be surprised if you have a direct flight but then they just stop somewhere along the way. Happens more often than not, so just go with it.

Dollars: There are ATM's in town and at the airport. USD was accepted everywhere with the exception of the local market Gillian and I went to. If you need local dollars, most taxi cab drivers will help you out with change in local currency (Kyat). NOTE: Dollar bills must be crisp and brand spanking new. Any flaws and they won't be accepted. Be sure to take out brand new small notes from your banks, $1's, $10's and $20's.

Language: English is widely spoken. If you are looking to alter something your are ordering, i.e. substitute avocado for tomato, good luck. Best to just stick to what is given.

Water: Bottle water is a must and be cautious with ice. Most drinks are served with no ice. OK to use tap water for brushing your teeth.

Bike Rentals: available at hotels and restaurants for about US $3- $8 dollars. Motor bikes also available but didn't investigate.

Snorkeling: Same as above. Most everyone "has a guy" that can arrange it for you. We paid US$25 total for 4+ hours for 4 people and went to areas around Pearl Island. Lunch at Lobster Bar was not included in the price.
Thande Beach Hotel (Ngapali Beach, Thandwe)
Tel: 95-43-42178, 42179, 42278, 42279
Fax: 95-43-42278
NOTE: We booked through Agoda.

These guys also have a sister hotel in Bagan (it was fully booked but looked nice)
Bagan Thande Hotel, Old Bagan
Tel: 95-61-60025, 60031, 60964

Best Friend
See Trip Advisor link here
Angel's Seafood
 See Trip Advisor link here


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