Boracay 2015

This year for Chinese New Year, we headed down to Boracay, Philippines. It was our first trip to the Philippines and although it is a more difficult location to get to, we wanted to check it off the list and check out the white beaches and clear waters for ourselves. 

Monty boy loves to travel! Angel baby on the plane.

Egg nog cookies on the plane and a Krispy Kreme at the airport. These are my people!!!

After 2 flights and a short tuk tuk ride, it is time to jump on a "ferry" to take us to the island. Like I said, not the easiest place to get to.

Just in time for sunset.

Here is a better shot of our boat.

Dinner on the beach in front of our hotel. Also funny thing to note, most places we went didn't have high chairs. Their solution? All the female staff offered to hold Monty while we ate. This happened almost every where we went-Ha!

Night night Little Man.

The tide was out when I woke with Monty the next morning.

 Our hotel was nestled on this hill.

Breakfast. We were the first ones here every morning. My how things have changed having a baby!

 View from our balcony.

Dressing a baby is just too much fun!

I don't think we ever figured out what this drink was but it tasted like flan that had coffee poured over it. Wasn't exactly my cup of tea.

Mullet sighting!

Sights of White Beach aka the party district of Boracay.

Frog purses. You can't make this stuff up.

I think Matt got them mixed up...


 Dad being a bad influence!

Some sort of strange beach rave going on as we walked home.

Parenting- nailed it!

I finally got to try paddle boarding-what a work out! And I only fell off once. Woohoo!

There I am behind the boat.

The rest aka tired position. Whew!

Then off to Spider House for some Happy Hour drinks. It was only a 2 minute walk from our place.

Monty's first orange.

Dad chillin out.

 Back into town for dinner and a big ol' margarita!

So big they later brought me a plate. Perhaps it was considered a meal due to its size?

Another gorgeous sunset.

Ready for another day of fun. Monty had no idea the fun we were about to get into at the airport with our cancelled flight.

After an oufit change, Monty says buh bye to the beach.

The calm before the storm....ours is the cancelled one.

Monty of course had no idea what was going on and was happy as could be. His father on the other hand... In the end, we made it back that night, just a little later than we would have liked. It was a fantastic trip with my boys!

Artista Boracay
Nothing fancy but we loved it! Great staff and perfect location.
Ask for room #7 (the biggest and has own balcony). This hotel along with most others on the island will help with transportation from the airport.

A few things to note:
Currently there are no direct flights to Boracay from Hong Kong. You must connect through Manilla and then fly to Caticlan. The only carrier that flies to Borcay from Manilla is Phillipine Airlines which is not the most reliable. The canceling of flights is all too common and we were warned by several friends about this before booking our trip.
Their is a direct flight to Kalibo but then you are a 2 hour bus ride to the main island.


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