Weekend in Hanoi

Matt and I needed a break from the city so we planned a weekend trip to Hanoi.  Haoi is the the capital of Vietnam and the country's second largest city. The flight is only 1.5 hours from Hong Kong so it is a prefect weekend getaway. Our new friends, Pat and Gillian came along for the ride.


After dropping our bags at the hotel, we headed over to the Green Tangerine for dinner. I highly recommend it! 48 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem District

1.00 USD = 209,42.50 VND. Makes it a pain to carry cash. They take USD most places

  Off to explore the streets of Hanoi after dinner

All the streets were bumping with everyone huddled around on these tiny stools
 Taxi man taking a break

  Gotta love this ad for happy hour

Popped into what we considered a normal looking bar

We needed a more authentic experience so we stopped by to watch some soccer

 Koozie purchase of the weekend

Next stop: Half Man Half Noodle

This was the man serving our drinks. I determined that he was the half man, half noodle man

Drink or we will shoot the puppy? What?

Inside Matt and Pat make friends with the locals and sample the local fare

Mmmm chicken feet!

Day 2 in Hanoi
After a big breakfast, we get a relaxing massage (outside of the hotel for about 1/3 the price or about $30 USD for a steam and 1 hour massage) We tried this place recommended in the Lux Guide. It didn't disappoint

Walking the streets

I wanted to buy one of these "antique" water puppets but they didn't want to negotiate with me. Maybe on the next trip

The famous Turtle Tower

Matt's 'I am dying of the heat" pose

Back to the hotel for some R&R

Back out for some exploring

Well that's one way of fixing a whole in the sidewalk

Gillian and I shopped while the boys set up shop where we joined them shortly after

Maybe my favorite person I met over the weekend. This is Lover and she was hilarious.

 The amount of bikes there was insane. Photos don't do it justice.

We saw all sorts of things being carried on them

They loved badminton here- it was everywhere. In the afternoons, they would set up in the sidewalks and take over.

A drink at the Bamboo Bar at our hotel (Sofitel Metopole Legend Hotel)

At the rooftop of the other Sofitel for a quick drink

It was about midnight and they were selling balloons everywhere

We stumbled upon this quirky bar that may or may not have been a Lesbian Bar.  Either way, loads of fun. Long Play Café, 9B Bao Khanh, Hoan Kiem

Our midget Justin Bieber waitress

Day 3
Another big breakfast to start the day

The Hanoi Hilton. Not the most uplifting experience, but we wanted to do at least one touristy thing while we were there

Prisoners escaped from this narrow sewer

Where they held the women and children

Back on the streets

Smallest dog I have ever seen!

Need to wash your hair? Do it on the street- no problem. I was fascinated by this woman and couldn't look away

Matt's final look. Doesn't look like a tourist at all

We absolutely loved Hanoi and will be going back soon. Almost everyone needs a visa to get into Vietnam so do your research before you go. As always, refer to the NY Times Travel Guide: 36 Hours in Hanoi


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