Craft Beer Festival at Ben's Bar

Last weekend we hit up a Craft Beer festival hosted by Hop Leaf and Americraft at Ben's Bar in Shek O. Ben's is a great little beach bar that I only recently discovered earlier this summer. It overlooks Shek O's "back beach," a small cove about a five minute walk from the main beach. It can be difficult to find if you have never been there, but it can be found. All the food was made by the good people hosting the party, but the burgers that Ben's typically cooks up are pretty awesome. My favorite thing is that they always carry Brooklyn Lager.

Chilling out on the beach

I think this is the owner's dog. The 3 times I have been to Ben's, he is always there and seems right at home. I guess they used peroxide to give him his pirate look.  He ran away every time I got close enough to take a pic but tried my best to capture his arrrrsome look. 

Not that any of us have cars here in Hong Kong, but none the less, always have a responsible driver. The kind folks of the festival were nice enough to organize a private city bus to take us all back to Central.

Ben's Bar Hong Kong
273 Shek O Village. Tel: +852 2809 2268

 Looking for craft beer in Hong Kong? They deliver straight to your home. Also carried across bars throughout Hong Kong. For more details, check them out:


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