Night out at the 8th Estate Winery

Last weekend we had a birthday celebration for our friend Jason at the 8th Estate Winery in Ap Lei Chau.  I must say, great place to host a party! Everything was catered that night, but this place does have their own wine. Not China wine mind you (not the best region for wine as you can imagine). 8th Estate harvests their grapes in the States, Australia, etc then imports them. They freeze the grapes to preserve each grape at its highest potential. In a frozen state, the grapes are shipped to Hong Kong where they are allowed to thaw and then production begins as it would in any boutique winery in the world. The wine is left to age in their French and American oak barrels. Pretty cool!

Things I learned/ clarified that night:
Winery= a wine-making establishment
Vineyard= set of fields or estate where people grow grapes for the purpose of producing wine


The birthday boy and his lovely wife who organized the splendid evening. Thank you both for a fantasitc time!

 Great patio out back where the grilling took place

Jason took it up a notch and provided cigars for the whole gang

Everyone had fun with the cut outs, myself included

Does anyone remember those "Elf Yourself" Christmas e-cards? That is all I could think of as they danced about

Let it be said the attire for the evening was "casual summer evening" or "fancy dress". Leave it to Teddy to be the only one to show up in costume. Love you Ted!

Looking for a venue for your next party or organize a wine tasting? Check them out!

Catering provided by Delicious (they also do junks)

Specialty Beers provided by Ameri Craft 


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