Favorite Cocktail: Honey Deuce

With the U.S. Open upon us, I am reminded of one of my favorite drinks that they serve at the event. Every year I attended, Grey Goose was a sponsor and they sold a tasty cocktail called Honey Deuce. So refreshing and love how the melon balls emulate the look of tennis balls (they use three melon balls to represent three tennis balls in a can).

If you’re watching the U.S. Open at home or looking for a tasty drink for your Labor day BBQ, (or junk boat in my case), here’s the recipe:

Grey Goose Honey Deuce Pitcher (Serves 9)
  • 16 parts Grey Goose Original vodka
  • 32 parts freshly squeezed lemonade
  • 8 parts Chambord or premium raspberry liqueur 
  • Crushed ice
  • Honeydew melon balls 
- Add lemonade, Grey Goose vodka and Chambord to a large pitcher filled with crushed ice and stir well.
- Pour into highball glasses filled with ice and garnish with melon balls. Enjoy!


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