Last Junk of the Summer

Finally some great weather for a junk. Just in time for the end of junk season. All the other junks we have been on this summer have involved a good bit of rain. Alas, the sunshine gods were among us last weekend. Blue sky all around and a nice tan to show for it.

Leaving Central

 We chartered out to Lamma Island

I sort of made Scott do this (but it didn't take much to persuade him)
We arrived at the back part of Lamma Island. I couldn't find a name of the cove on the Captain's map, but I think this was the area of Sham Wan. Some people on the boat seemed to think we were at a place called Turtle Bay, but I think it is the same place. Sham Wan is an important breeding site for sea turtles, hence the name.

Lamma Island is the third largest island in Hong Kong. Few people live in this area because access for most of the island is by hiking or by boat.

Trying to capture the sun sparkling on the water
Me and Captain Matt. He purchased this hat for $1 in Sanya. Probably best dollar ever spent

Like the koozie Pat!

We start to make our way back to Hong Kong. Always the saddest part of the day (our host taking a cat nap in the background)

 Huge container ship. This thing was massive but it didn't occur to me to take a pic until it was almost out of site
Another one passing by

You could tell we were getting closer to the main land with all the ships in the harbor

And to remind us that we are still in China, these guys

The sun starting to make its way down as we end the day. Thanks Shephali for a great junk this weekend! And thanks Gillian for the Bloody Marys!  If anyone wants the recipe for the brownies I made, go here. Or add 1 cup of peanut butter chips to any good box mix. I use the Reese's brand chips (purchased at Oliver's Grocery HK).


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