Taipei 2012

I just returned from being back in the states for Christmas and got a lot of flack for my lack of posts. Part of that has to do with my new job, hence the drop off. But as part of my new years resolution to get more organized, I am getting back on it, so here we go.

We made a trip back to Taipei this last November with our friends Pat and Gillian. Our mission seemed to be to eat as much as possible!

We landed late and headed straight to the night markets, wasting no time on our road to gluteny

Yes those are duck heads

Always love the doggies

Fresh meat

Besides food, there are apparel and accessory shops that line the streets. Scrunchies anyone?

Not really sure what these were...

This guy was thrilled to have me take his picture. These buns were some of my favorite

French bulldog at a local pet shop. 

The next morning, we hit up the top of Taipei 101 (formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center), one of the worlds tallest buildings

All of these were towels

Made a quick pit stop and had to snap a pic of this, just in case you forgot the basics

Fried goodness

Checking out some temples

This wheel pie thing was kinda like a dessert as it was stuffed with custard

Part of the snake market, snake's dinner

And time for a foot massage

Loved this old building

I'll take that meat to go, thanks

"Come Best" we determined was an energy drink

Our hotel-highly recommend

We didn't really have an agenda on Sunday so we just did some exploring

Pat has given up 

Another cutie

Street dancers

We went to the Botanical garden and left promptly. A waste of time and don't recommend

This is what the all of the gardens looked like

We highly recommend the Taipei Brewery

We walked through the warehouse area before we got the drinking garden area

This guy was totally passed out with about 80 oreo wrappers around him. Classy

Gotta give the dog some

Another stylish dog

One more late afternoon stroll through another market before we fly out

Very tempted to get a matching set for all 4 of us

Dragon fruit

Before we fly out, I had to stop by the Hello Kitty Terminal. Yes, there are flights that are entirely themed of Hello Kitty. God save us all.

Until next time Taipei!

Looking for a weekend getaway? Flight time is just one hour from Hong Kong Airport to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Eclat Hotel
A: No. 370, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road 
Da-an District, Taipei City 
T: 886-2-2784 8888

Taipei Brewery

No.85 Er Section Bade Road
(Reference the picture I took of the address in Chinese- 
that is what we showed our taxi driver)


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