Tram Party 2013

Here in Hong Kong, when you are going through withdrawal of junk boat parties, you plan a tram party. Party on a private tram and take a 2 hour cruise through the sites and sounds of Hong Kong. Bonus, if you are running late, just jump on at a later point as a few of our friends did.

No party in HK is complete without a theme. I was not in charge of this theme so we ended up with Connecticut Country Club/ Caddy Shack or Lions. See what happens when boys are left in charge. I think someone just wanted to wear their lion costume...


Matt got some slack for his old man sweater, but he actually wears this new sweater all the time and loves it. I do too.

We got backed up in traffic because of this. Not sure what it was but there were about 12 fire trucks surrounding this area

Good Ol' Causeway Ba. Yes, it is always this crowded

Jason roaring at the patrons below

We end the night at the Globe with one of my favorite beers

Organize your own Tram Party here:

Max 25 people. BYOB and food. Party Tram comes with iPod hookup and one bathroom break. :) The official party tram can book up to 3 months in advance during the high season.


  1. one bathroom break is not going to cut it once the seal has been broken

  2. I want to be on a tram partying! Sounds so fun! I want to go to there!


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