Malaysia Truly Asia: Kota Kinabalu

We took a quick trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia! This area is really meant to be a eco-tourist destination and most people go to hike Mount Kinabalu. We just went for some sun! It has been a rainy start to the summer in Hong Kong. Just under a 3 hour flight from Hong Kong. We went for the weekend with 5 of our friends. We had gorgeous and hot weather while we were there. Less humid than Hong Kong so it felt cooler (to me anyway). The city is located along the northwest coast of Borneo facing the South China Sea.

NOTE: Malaysia is a Muslim country, i.e. heavy tax on booze and illegal in some areas, so hit up the Duty Free shops before you board the plane so you can have some drinks in your hotel room/ roadies for the beach. Booze is not cheap here. From our experience, we could only buy beer at the local 7-11's and they are still pricey! Drinks available on the resort and at bars and restaurants in KK.

We hit the beach first thing Saturday morning.

Ruth, Tania and I hit up the beach while the rest of the crew played golf.

Saturday night we made a trip into town, but honestly there wasn't much to it. Easy to skip and just hang on the resort, but Matt and I always like to explore the local town. In this case, it was a miss.

Some people can't handle the heat and took a mini nap on the way downtown.

Do not "little"

We arrived at the Waterfront. There is a night market here too, but we skipped it. From what we can tell it is basically a large fish market and seafood restaurants. We get lots of that in HK so we decided on the Waterfront. Pre-dinner drinks and the Cock and Bull.

Dinner outside of The Aussie

Beer m' lady?

I have many of pictures with Thomas with him trying not to take a photo. I broke Matt down eventually. He too will have to learn to accept my non stop photo taking!

Random storage of drinks

Time for Karaoke! "Call Me Maybe" anyone? 

We made our way to BED. Pretty sure this is not affiliated with the chain of clubs also called BED. It was the most bizarre club I have ever been to. People on stage singing, but then everyone was just standing around smoking. And gawd, did this place smell like an ash tray-so much smoke. No dancing and no drinking. I think you had to be there to understand how strange this place was.

The next morning we chilled in the shade. Too much sun the day before. And it was just so hot!

We all took turns going down the kiddie slide. Well almost all of us. Someone got stuck...

Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort, Kota Kinabalu
Pantai Dalit Beach, Tuaran, Sabah, 89208, Malaysia

It you dare, check out KK's Waterfront area for pubs and restaurants. 


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