Baby Bennett Gender Reveal Party

We're expecting! Matt wanted it to be a surprise, I wanted to find out. We decided to do reveal party to still have an element of surprise. We had our doctor write down the gender on a sealed envelope which we passed onto a friend, who helped order the balloons. Matt and I had no idea going into the party.

Ruth and I made the lips and 'staches.

Thanks Andrea for these yummy cupcakes!

The guests cast their votes. Almost all the girls voted for boy, and all the boys voted for girl. Matt and I also were divided this way as well. 

Girl's (plus Sean and Teddy) vote= Boy! The boys (plus Court and Allie) unanimously voted for girl.


Drum roll...

It's a boy! We were just as surprised as everyone there!

Baby Bennett is due to arrive August 27!

Thanks to Teddy and Allie for hosting! And thanks to Gillian and Ruth for your help with the balloons!

Balloons in Hong Kong: 
Simply Love (a great source for party decor)
7A Ho Lee Commercial Building
38 D'Aguilar Street
Tel: +852 2810 6223

Tissue pom poms made by yours truly but also available for purchase at Mirth.


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