Halloween 2014

My favorite holiday was celebrated again this year with our dear friends Pat and Gillian hosting at their flat. This year was my favorite Halloween to date as I got to dress up little Monty. He was a hit and I basically could have been wearying a paper sack as everyone was only interested in Monty Bear. Rightfully so. He was adorable. Thanks Mom for the cutest costume ever (purchased from Pottery Barn for anyone interested)!

The Graveyard 7 layer dip. With a new born this year, didn't make the homemade tombstones. Need the recipe? Go HERE.

The main event this year was Monty Bear. He didn't match our Popeye and Olive Oyl costume but he was just so cute! Courtney was holding him for most of the photos! 

Up on the roof. We couldn't stay up there long with him as it was still quite warm and his costume was so hot!

Costume change. Monty switched into his Halloween onsie. Was just too hot! Hoping we can break the bear costume out for Christmas.

Hostess with the mosses- Slash!

Best couples costume- Bull and Bull Fighter!

Laurie wins in my book for best individual costume! Great job Elvis!

Thanks Pat and Gillian! Until next year!!!


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