Blue and white take flight

I am typically drawn to warm colors (love my red)! But something about Hong Kong has got me thinking blue and white. Perhaps because we will be surrounded water. Or perhaps it seems calming as I am a bit stressed trying to plan my life on the other side of the world. Either way, Matt should be happy as his favorite color is blue. Currently the only blue in our apartment is our shower curtain. In other news, Matt, Mr. Traditional-I-belong-in-a-Ralph-Lauren-home, uttered words I never thought I would hear "Jess, I wouldn't mind having a modern apartment in HK". So excited to start decorating the new space! Of course, we actually have to find an apartment first...

Inspiration/ Idea starters:

Shouldn't have a problem finding blue and white China to decorate with:

West Elm Rug and pillows:

Ideas provided by House Beautiful, Country Living, Apartment Therapy, Decor& You, Pure and Simple, West Elm and Around my Table.


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