Flower Market

This day was inevitable. I held out as long as I could, but the Flower Market was beckoning me. The reason I have to restrain myself is due to the vast amount of beautiful, but super cheap orchids. If I had a car, there would be in trouble. The only thing that saved me was that I could only get so much shoved into the cab with me. Here is a little taste of what is there.

The Plant Section

Little purple peppers-tres cute!

I remember buying these "air plants" with my cousins in Ocala

Would love to get one of these if I had a terrace

Plants were even growing out of the rain gutters

Orchids! ($1USD= $8HKD)

Fresh cut flowers (also had to restrain myself)

To my Ocala peeps: Looks what they were selling! And I can't remember what she wanted for it, but it was a rip off and she refused to budge on price

Lots of fake stuff there too, but didn't feel the need to photograph it. The real flowers are much prettier

I will be back for these if Matt lets me...


  1. LOL @ the air plants and moss! I think our moms would go bananas there!


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