New must have for summer: Helena Rubinstein Waterproof Mascara

Ok ladies. I know what you are thinking. No mascara is truly waterproof. I was in the same mind set until my friend Becca recommended this mascara to me. I am telling you, this stuff does not come off. If you are spending time at the beach or plan on crying your eyes out at a wedding, this is the mascara for you. New favorite for product of the summer! Give it a try for yourself. Find it at Niemans, Bloomys, Saks and Lane Crawford for Honkies.

I went with Lash Queen. Bonus: pretty packaging!

Mascara in action

Demi is the spokes person. Not the biggest fan, but the woman has NOT aged. She must be doing something right.

Nothing really to do with the post except prove that HR has been around a long time. And the fact that I just can't get enough vintage advertising.


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