Happy Valley Horse Races

Yes, Hong Kong has it all. Even horse races. We can thank the Brits for that. Last night was the last race of the season so of course we had to make an appearance. The season comes to an end due to the summer heat and will start back up again in the fall. We only saw 4 races, but Matt ended up winning pretty big on 2 of them. Note to the readers: Matt only won when I purchased the tickets i.e. the real reason he won= I was Lady Luck. ;)

A little history: The Race track was established in 1884 and was originally named the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club. It conducts nearly 700 races every season at the two race tracks in Happy Valley and Sha Tin.

If you plan on going, eat before you go. Only option= McDonalds

Pretty cool that the course is in the middle of Hong Kong

Did I mention that it was hot? Really hot! And yes, I carry this fan with me at all times.


Here is a shot of the race course during the day. We'll be back in the fall!


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