Brunch at the Cricket Club

Ah yes, the fascinating game of Cricket. I have never actually seen a match but I have been bothering my Aussie friends to take me to show me what it is all about. They all warned me that it is boring and that I would be over it after watching for a short while. Even my Brits and Aussie co-workers gave me sarcastic remarks when I told them my plans for the weekend. A day at the club having brunch and bubbles followed by an afternoon of watching cricket- how bad could it be?

A few Sundays ago, I settled in for lovely brunch with the Aussie girls at the Hong Kong Cricket club. It was a leisurely meal full of catching up and a little bit of gossip.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that when I went to go snap a shot of the Cricket match, I realized that we had missed the whole game!

Needless to say, we made our way down to watch the Dads and kiddies take over the field. Maybe next time I will get to see a game and someone can finally explain to me how this game is played.


  1. I saw a cricket match at Lord's Cricket Ground in the summer. I actually liked it! The key is to see a 20/20 game, as it's the short one. Although, I've heard that going to a day of a test match can be fun if you've brought friends, a picnic, and a couple bottles of wine!


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