An Expat Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving abroad is in the books. All the traditional fixings were present: Turkey, gravy,cranberry sauce, stuffing, pies, the works. Everyone contributed (even Matt). Many emails were sent to my family before I got all the recipes, but it all came together. A thousand thank yous to Teddy and Allie for hosting! The night didn't end with watching Christmas Vacation (a family tradition in my household), but everything else made me feel the comforts of home.

Since no one had the day(s) off work, we celebrated Saturday night

Keeping things warm is always an issue at every Thanksgiving

The dessert table- always one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving

The set up. I think we ended up with 25 people

Loved the flowers that Allie picked out

The hosts- Allie and Teddy carving up the Turkey

Complete with Teddy's rugby injury (received 8 stitched when he finally went to the ER on Sunday morning)

Let's eat!

Sweet potato casserole and stuffing made by yours truly

And the winner of the night: Mahmoud

Complete with a little bit of Christmas decorating on Sunday.

Thanks Teddy and Allie for a great Turkey day! Next up, Christmas in Phuket!


  1. Looked like a great time! Food looked delicious too :)

  2. Thank you my dear Jessica for all your help and your AMAZING food!!! You are such a fantastic cook and organizer :) It was a really special evening.


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