London 2013

We headed over to London for a family wedding. It was a long trip, but shorter than a flight back to the US and lots of Matt's family was able to make it. Matt and I have been to London before so we were light on the touristy stuff and just did a lot of exploring. Turns out that a lot of exploringing landed us in a lot of pubs.

The first night we stayed in South Kengsitngton. Rockwell was our first hotel of 4. Lots of jumping around this trip. We landed at 7am, dropped our bags and headed out. 

Strolling around South Kensington

I was digging the Gin Van

Royal guards training

Some shopping at Harrods

I see this fruit in the Hong Kong markets all the time. Now I know what it is!

Have to hit up at least one museum while in London

I come to London and of course I look at the Asian part of the museum

Lunch time. We had a pint here last time Matt and I were in London.

That evening, after a much needed shower, we headed out towards Convent Garden. Funny that we end up at a familiar NYC stomping ground- Balthazar (recently opened in London, Spring 2013)  

Steak Frites with the Bennetts- is there really an alternative?!

This guy was outside of the restaurant. Fire was coming out of his tuba every 3rd beat. Crazy!

We met up with cousin Robbie for a few after dinner drinks before calling it a night

More exploring the next morning. 

Hong Kong represent!

Hilarious card shop!

After seeing the new Gatsby, Matt has been obsessed with getting a boaters hat. How about a nice Panama hat instead? Sigh. Guess what we ended up with from this shop.

Fancy boater hat...naturally I am thrilled.

Off to Tumberbridge Wells for the wedding!

The Rockwell
181-183 Cromwell Road
London SW5 0SF
+44 20 7244 2000
Closest Tube Station: Earls Court

Bunch of Grapes
207 Brompton Rd
London SW3 1LA
+44 20 7589 4944
Closest Tube Station: South Kensington

4-6 Ruseel Street,
London WC2B 5HZ
+44 20 3301 1155
Closest Tube Station: Covent Garden


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