Christmas Tree Shopping in Hong Kong

This was the first year that we purchased a tree in Hong Kong. After seeing the price tag, I see why. Lets just say this is the smallest tree I have ever purchased and the most expensive. Still it was a fun experience and the apartment smells amazing!

We decided to buy ours from the Chung Hing Nursery. They don't have a street number on their address nor do they give good directions on their site, so it was an adventure to find it. You can see in the photo below that it is right near the Happy Valley Racecourse Public Entrance. That will be your best indicator to find this place. Or reference their map here.

I was surprised to find that they carried so many huge trees. I figued it would be like NYC with lots of small trees to chose from. Turns out most of the trees we wanted were already sold. We found one that worked and then it was delivered 3 days later along with our wreath. Definitely going to order in advance next year.

Most of  the trees here were from the US. Ours we learned is from Oregon.

Honestly, you could come to this nursery for your Christmas card. It was so beautiful!

Our tree fully decorated (Reindeer garland purchased at Eezy Peezy Parties). Despite coming from Oregon and who knows how long ago it was actually cut, as of today (Dec. 20th) it has held up great. Not dried out at all. That could be due to the lack of using heat in the house. Either way, very happy with it.

If you want to buy a tree or wreath next year in Hong Kong, check out the Little Steps Guide here.

Here are the details on where we bought ours:
Wong Nai Chung Road (near Happy Valley Racecourse Public entrance)
Phone: 2572 6430
Free delivery for all trees over 5ft Tall.
Email them for their order sheet to order in advance for best selection and discounts.
Happy Holidays!


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