Expat Thanksging 2013

We did our annual Thanksgiving dinner at our friend Will's house the Saturday after the real Thanksgiving. Us Expats have to work on the actual Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping doesn't even exist here. :( Our friend Will's apartment provided a great venue and he ordered enough booze to last until the next Thanksgiving. Allie was a great co-host as well! Flowers were provided and arranged by yours truly! I will use any excuse to get down to the Flower Market.

Twin shirts!

View from Will's balcony. So jealous!

My co-hosts, Will and Allie (and lil Cooper for entertainment)


After some minor issues with the catered turkey (no one has an oven big enough to cook a bird in our apartment) and sides, we were ready to go. Thanks Chicken on the Run for saving our Thanksgiving. Chicken? Turkey? Put some gravy on it and you can't tell the difference.

Working the oven!

 Not really sure what we were doing here...

 Thanks to my fellow co-hosts, Will and Allie!!! Can't wait until Thanksgiving 2014!

NOTE: For the record, Mandarin Oriental's catering is not something I would recommend. In previous years, we used Magnolia's and found the portions much bigger and in my opinion, tastier.



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