Santa Con 2013

Our annual Santa Clause Pub Crawl! Things started off with a brunch at our apartment. Of course Cooper had to come along. I let him borrow my hat. I thought he would throw it off immediately but he seemed to like it.

Our fully decked out lobby.

Things kicked off at Red Bar.

It started to rain so the Santas packed up and made our way over to TST via the Star Ferry.

Quite a site. We sang Christmas carols the whole way. A local guy on the back of the boat rode the whole way with his hands over his ears. It was quite a site, but I couldn't bring myself to snap a photo of him. Huge mistake in hindsight. 

This poor couple was trying to take some wedding photos. Santas kept photo bombing them.

We arrived at the Dog House. My favorite bar of the pub crawl.

Yes, Ben. Allie is pregnant. She will let you touch her belly if you just ask ;)

On to the next bar in WanChai. Santas take over the subway!

The journey ended here for us, but the crawl continued on. Guess we are getting too old for this. Love the old local guy in the photo. He has no idea what he has stumbled upon but seems to love it.

All invites for Santa Con Hong Kong are sent out via Facebook. For future reference, it always falls the weekend closest to December 15th as Matt Doyle's (one of the organizers) birthday falls on that day. This is a hell of way to celebrate a birthday Matty Boy! 
Ho! Ho! Ho!


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