Tip of the Week: How to Keep Champagne Bubbly

In a few weeks, my blog post will be less frequent. That is because I got a new job! It is bitter sweet, but excited to get back to the working world. Famous last words, right? This brings me to my point- champagne! We had a few glasses last Friday to celebrate, but didn't drink it all. What's a girl to do? Matt mentioned that his grandmother put a spoon in the bottle to keep it bubbly for up to 24 hours. I had never heard of this and had to put this theory to test.

This trick is apparently a French old wives' practice, which requires inserting the handle of a silver spoon into the neck of bottle and popping it in the fridge. None of my spoons fit, except for a random grapefruit spoon that I have.

Photo taken with my latest iphone app purchase: Hipstamatic

It passed the test. The next night, we had 2 more glasses before heading out and they were bubbly! After doing some more research on the web, apparently the worst way to retain effervescence is to recork the bottle. If you drink bubbly on a more frequent basis, invest in a champagne stopper designed to pressure-seal the bottle and keep the bubbles. Should set you back about $10- $15. And if you want to really guarantee every glass is bubbly, drink it all upon opening. ;)


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