Day 2 Afternoon- Local markets

After a quick shower following our morning hike, we had a delectable lunch at McDonald's, then we made our way to some local markets. We made a quick stop for some gifts in one of the street lanes before getting on the subway to Kowloon. With Chinese New Year's eve upon us, stores were closing early in preparation for the festivities. We still found plenty to keep us busy.

To the dark side: Kowloon/ Yau Ma Tei

More festive oranges for CNY

By the time we got to the Jade market, most people we closing up shop. Lucky for us, that meant they were ready to do some serious bargaining. In this neck of the woods, you keep walking away until they give you the price you want. They have everything marked up for tourist. But now that I am a local, I know better.

With our damage done at the Jade Market, we searched for another adventure. We stumbled upon a great outdoor street market, selling everything for bok choy, live frogs, dried mushrooms, pigs feet, you name it! We had a blast. Our big purchases: cherries, asparagus and some CNY decorations that I couldn't resist. Matt will be thrilled.

Sea cucumbers (I think?)


Chopping up the live fish- he kept flopping off the table

We left the seafood market and headed to the outside veggie market. Unfortunately I don't know half of these. Bernie- feel free to chime in ;)

Huge aloe vera

Dragon fruit

Thai chili

Rice noodles

Smoked oysters?

Pomelos and oranges

I don't know what these are called but they are used in decorations to symbolize 5 generations coming together for CNY or something like that...

I broke down and bought some traditional decorations. These guys definitely thought we were hilarious. There weren't a lot of westerners in this area. Not sure why, but this one guy kept trying to take a picture with me.

Paper treasures to burn for the ancestors. They burn these paper replicas to send up the ashes to the deceased. Guess they really need McDonalds and Rolexes in heaven.

Pigs feet?

I feel like chicken tonight

Double Happiness coconuts. Given to newly weds for something to do with hoping they will have good fertility/children

Lotus root

We ended our adventure with a quick trip to a nearby temple. We were hoping to see the ceremonial burning of ancestral paper goods, but no luck. But hey, we've still got all week to find them. This temple just had lots and lots on incense. On the subway ride home we both smelled like we had been at a bonfire all night despite only being in this temple for about 5 minutes.

Adventures continue tomorrow. Off to bed.


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