Dim Sum and then Some

Today's agenda: dim sum and markets. My Aussie girls Lisel and Crystal joined us at Dim Tai Fung. Another yucky, cold day out so we warmed ourselves with hot tea and lots of food! Afterwards we headed to Mong Kok to check out some local markets.

Upon exiting my building, there was a traditional dragon dance going on. That will wake you up!

Dim Sum at Din Tai Fung

Making the dumplings at the front of the restaurant

I tried to photograph the food, but I was enjoying it so much, I sort of forgot

Off to Mong Kok for the markets. First up, the flower market. Many of the stalls were closed but that didn't slow us down

A quick stop at a ceramic shop

Does anyone know what these are? They look like they are in the peony family, but wasn't sure


Not sure what these were besides ugly

Playful kitty cat

Next stop: Bird market. Small and most of the shops were closed so this was a quick stop

The local bird vendors hard at work

The love birds were the sweetest

Not to be associated with the bird market

We tried to find the goldfish market. It appears to be more of a pet shop street. It was great except that it smelled strongly of stinky tofu

Cute turtles
He's looking at you kid

Pets? Or for eating? Still up for debate


Tiny Frogs


Step count for Wednesday: 20,342

Getting there:
Din Tai Fung
Hong Kong, Yee Wo Branch, No.68, Yee Wo St., Causeway Bay

The Markets:
Yuen Po Street Bird Garden & Flower Market
    MTR Prince Edward Station Exit B1 and walk east along Prince Edward Road West
GoldFish Market
    MTR Prince Edward Station Exit B2 and walk east along Prince Edward Road West


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