Highlights from the HK Apartment Search

I have looked at a TON of apartments here in Hong Kong. The search felt like my previous dating life. Went through a lot of bad ones before I found the perfect one. We are signing the paper work later today-Yippee! I will be doing a "House Hunters International- Now and Zenn Style" post soon. In the meantime, here are some highlights from my apartment search in Hong Kong:

Kitchens in every color of the rainbow

Kitchen? Where is the rest of it?

Biggest kitchen I saw

Favorite Kitchen, but apartment was out of my price range-naturally. You will notice this one has an oven- a rare thing in HK

Nice bathrooms, eh?

Favorite bathroom

The views are pretty awesome

The pools-with this heat, this became a priority in my search

Favorite feature in HK apartments:Built in Closets. This only became a favorite after I learned that closets are also a rarity in HK


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