NYC Yumi Kim Sample Sale

Ok ladies. This is a card I usually hold close to my chest, but since I am no longer in NYC and won't be able to cash in on this, I'm sharing the love. The epic Yumi Kim Sample sale is this week! We're talking up to 80% off retail prices! Last year I was able to snag tops for $20 and dresses for $35. For this price, it is also a great time to pick up b-day presents if you have any girlfriends with summer birthdays. Do whatever you can to get there! Be prepared to rummage through boxes too. The girls that work the sale have been pretty helpful in the past, but there is typically a lot going on. Be sure to ask if they are replenishing the sale. If your office is close, it may be worth it to go back an additional day later in the week. The sale is that good!

Save to your calendars right now: May 24th- May 30th (12-8) at 234 Mulberry Street. Not available online (sniffle).

In other news, Yumi Kim is getting a 2nd NYC location on the Upper East side. Opening soon so stay tuned!


  1. wow! Great sale.Yumi Kim Tops are looking fabulous.Love the design and color.Amazing offer.


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