Up on the roof

Over the weekend, we celebrated our friend's birthday on his enormous roof deck. His apartment is a great bachelor pad and blows away Matt's old roof deck on W. 70th. Nick Peach was the birthday boy and his birthday came complete with Peach Ice Luge. I mean why not, right?

The Birthday Boy busy at the grill

The Goods-reminds me of college (note: we were able to find PBR at our grocery store- amazing!)

Can't tell you the last time I did one of these

We had wiped out all of 7-11's of ice, so we called it a day and headed home to get ready for our night on the town. Happy Birthday Peach!


  1. A roof deck party totally rocks! From the looks of it, you and your friends had a blast. The Peach Ice Luge is a nice touch. Haha, you just gave me an idea what to bring along on my cousin's bachelor party next week. :)

    Kristopher Diss


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