Afternoon at Shek O Beach

My first day with no errands to run, so what's a girl to do? Head to the beach of course!

Shek O is a beachside village in south-eastern part of Hong Kong Island and faces the South China Sea. The name "Shek O" translates to "rocky bay". Mainly a beach bum feeling kind of town due to its isolated location. The amazing thing is that Shek O is only about a $16 cab ride from Central Hong Kong. Surrounding the beach is Dragon's Back. I will doing that hike on Monday so stay tuned.

Things to bring to the beach: Towel- check. 30 SPF Sunscreen-check. Blow up doll-??? I can't make this stuff up!

Wedding photos on the beach on a Wednesday? Why not? I was half asleep before I realized she was there, so not the best photo

Off to lunch. Great food and so cheap!

Coconut water directly from the source. Yum!

And my favorite attraction in Shek O- Honey Calamari. No kidding! The best calamari I have ever had in my life. AMAZING!!!

See you on Monday Shek O (Monday is another random HK Holiday. This one is for Dragon Boat racing-who knew?!)


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