Happy 4th of July- Get prepped!

Anyone who has attended the 4th of July parities in Darien over the last few years, know that Matt and I take this holiday seriously. We have organized a BBQ on the beach here in HK on the 2nd to celebrate, but somehow I don't think it will be the same.

To get ready for your 4th of July celebration, here are some inspirations for decor, food and a great outfit!

Festive Decor:
A simple flag hanging on house (or boat) livens things up

Or a print on the wall. I love the flag series by fellow Southerner, Jasper Johns. Maybe I will pick up a copy for my new flat.

Need a festive tablecloth? Pick up some bandannas to dress up your table scape. As Aunt Luci says, cheap and cheerful! I like this idea for any ol' BBQ too.

Short on cooler or fridge space? A beat up wheelbarrow can do the trick.

Hats for the guests is always fun. Why is there no Party City in HK?!

Dress up pooch too

Food: No brainer for the 4th-Flag cake!

Or get creative with cupcakes. I leave the grilling to the boys (some times...)

What to wear? Here are a few preppy choices from some of my favorite designers:

Lauren Moffatt

Lilly Pulitzer


Yumi Kim

If you already own a solid white or navy dress, just rock a chunky coral necklace (pick up in China town NYC, Jade Market HK or check out eBay)

Most of all, have fun!


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