Trip to the Ladies Market

Yes, Shenzen is way better, but if you don't feel like making the trek (or paying for a visa), this is another good market to bring out of town guests and/or pick up little knick knack gifts. Here are just a few things that I saw on my trip:

Ladies Market is essentially just a random street with booths on either side. Looking for the really good stuff? That requires going to the back rooms of little shops. For this trip, I skipped it.

Longchamp bag anyone?

How about some Tory Burch?

May have to bring back some of these for my soon-to-be-mom friends. Tres cute!

Very interesting choice in underwear...

On the way back, I had to pick up some cough syrup for Matt. Check out some local choices!

Also picked up a Bubble tea for myself. Love this stuff! Shout out to Alex Shen for introducing it to me in NYC!

And the end of the day wouldn't be complete by getting yelled at for taking pictures of the local grub. Can you see the blurry hand in the left hand side of the photo? She was yelling "No photos" Gotta love it!


  1. Yay for bubble tea! You guys look like you're having so much fun and making lots of friends. Miss you. xoxo!


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